The Allentown Parks and Recreation Council is a non-profit organization offering a scholarship to assist youth residing in Prince George's County, Maryland pursuing an advance degree in recreation, education, technology, the arts and science or other areas that will enhance growth and promote developmental skills.  We will select an individual or individuals who will benefit most from the opportunity to develop their secondary educational goals. 
The scholarship program is offered to seniors graduating from the Prince George's County School system.  Funds from this award will be designated for educational expenditures such as books, tuition and fees. 

It is the Recreation Council's expectation that the recipient will return to Prince George's County, a more fulfilled individual, "contributing to the greater good of the community".  Application deadline is May 15th.

Click Here to print scholarship application.  Be sure to include your signature and mail to:

Allentown Parks and Recreation Council
9020 Mill Street
Ft. Washington, MD 20744

Additional Scholarships Opportunities

I)  Norfolk State University
National Alumni Association Inc. Washington DC Chapter
Attn: Ellen P. Imbrigato Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 77781
Washington, DC 20013