Monthly Council Meetings

Questions & Comments from Council Meeting

(September 2015)
  • Why would the school system have 33 students in a second grade class? Second grade is a critical learning period. There are kids with IEPs and behavioral problems in this classroom. A ratio of 1 to 33 is ridiculous. This is unfair to the students and the teachers. How do you expect the kids to learn and be successful?
  • Why does the school system have non-English teachers with poor English teaching any English speaking kid at the Head Start, pre-K, 1st or 2nd levels? I experienced this in the classroom. I could not understand the teacher. Why do this to the kids? I truly believe that is one thing that affected my grandson who is now struggling in the 2nd grade. The better the start, the likelihood, the better the finish.
  • Why wait for 30 day to complete an IEP? If a teacher is aware of academic problems early on, why not intervene then? Why wait and have the kid continue to fail? Kids may become disinterested in school if they continuously fall behind. Is that what the PG Schools wants
  • Parents expect a quality education for our kids in Prince Georges County. The Superintendent may want to hear more directly from parents that actually see their kids failing and not from some data that may not have any validity to it.
  • In Prince Georges County, a child cannot attend Pre K if your income is over a certain amount. WHY? I am a single parent. It is not this way in DC.
  • What test is used to measure student's achievement?
  • I understand the state test is PARRC. Is there other assessment such as MAP assessments?
  • How often is the curriculum modified since the implementation of the Common Core standards/PARRC?
  • How are the teachers evaluated and how much professional development has each teacher received on PARRC and COMMON CORE?
  • Schools need more qualified Spanish teachers.
  • Why are there so much homework (3hours or more) and the teachers doesn't always check the homework.
  • Why does it have to be a lottery to get in special schools? ALL SCHOOLS SHOULD BE SPECIAL. NO CHILD SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND.
  • Why are the teachers not required to attend PTA meetings?
  • Are all teachers certified? If not, why not?
  • How are the teachers evaluated? Do they take test?
  • Why are students not allowed to bring books home?
  • An assistant is needed in all class rooms. 35 or 36 students are two much for one teacher to handle. This is why when students get to Middle School and High School they are Left Behind, because they did not learn the basic in Elementary School.
  • Why aren't there more tutoring after school for math and reading?
  • Why all High School start time are not the same? Why are some 9am and others 7:45am?
 Our Council Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesdays of the month 7:30pm at the 
Southern Regional Technology & Recreation Complex, 7007 Bock Road, Ft Washington, MD 20744